I hope more will see the reasons for Prop 8 as David Blankenhorn has. We need to protect our children. Excerpt of his editorial: I’m a liberal Democrat. And I do not favor same-sex marriage. Do those positions sound contradictory? To me, they fit together.Many seem to believe that marriage is simply a private love […]

As we dropped off our daughter at her college dorm yesterday, I exclaimed in a wave of nostalgia, “Ah…college were some of the best years of my life. It looks like too much fun here!” If I had a chance to relive any part of my life, would I want to relive my college days? […]

It’s not the usual type of book that I like to read. I usually don’t read fantasy. But Elliot recommended Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Ender’s Game was not available at the library, so I picked up Treasure Box by the same author. It started out as a rather intriguing mystery. The set up […]


There is a Chinese phrase with no English translation that I know of. My literal translation of the phrase is “diffused heart” or “scattered heart.” My mom used to say that to us when we don’t want to study when school started in September. “You have a ‘scattered heart’ after the long summer vacation.” Or […]

We look at others less fortunate, and we feel better about our own situation, don’t we? But how about when see those in better situations, do we feel dissatisfied about our own? If I had chosen to go to a different college, my life could be as good as theirs. If I go to a […]


“Sorry for the last minute change of plans, mom.” My son has his own apartment in college. Expecting him to come home for dinner tonight, I took a roast out of the freezer to prepare him some protein-rich-high-calorie red meat to fill his skips-breakfast-fast-food undernourished body. In the afternoon, he told me he’s going back […]

As I lay down for bed, it struck me that I have not been praying for my children regularly. When they were younger, I prayed for them a lot – for their future, that they do not get into drugs, that they know God, that they get good grades, and that they turn out well. […]

(See the beginning of my transmission problem here) Today I got my Honda Odyssey back from the dealer – with a new transmisson that cost me the labor of $839. That’s expensive, but not as expensive as the entire transmission. I give accolades to Honda for their customer service. Diamond Honda was also very diligent […]

This says it well: Lisa, Kathryn – I must say I didn’t love Rudy’s line: “How dare they question whether Sarah Palin has enough time for her children and the vice presidency? They would never say that about a man…” I understood the politics of it and liked the turnabout. But I do think that […]

(See the beginning of my transmission problem here) I am happy to report that American Honda has agreed to pay for the part for a new transmission, providing I pay for the labor. I am satisfied with this arrangement. I think that’s fair. Though the labor is a little expensive (the dealer said it would […]

Our pastor mentioned this book in one of his sermons, so I requested it at our local library (I love the library!). Salzman is a great story teller. He transforms his simple experiences into anecdotes that paints for us a picture of life in China on a local level. He shares his experiences with the […]

A caller to Stand To Reason said that the only pro-life advocates she has heard are men. She insisted that since men cannot understand what it’s like to experience an unwanted pregnancy, it would be better if there were more women pro-life advocates. First, this caller needs to open her eyes. A simple Google search […]

I was listening to the late Adrian Rogers’ sermon in my car yesterday: “God did not give us spiritual gifts for our enjoyment. He gave them to us for our employment.” I’ve always known that our spiritual gifts for not for ourselves, but to serve others. But this time, it struck me how we don’t […]

Since my last post, here is an update: I called Honda on Friday, Aug 29 about 4pm. They said someone will call me back within 2 business days. I was very impressed that Wayne from Honda called me back the same day, even though I registered my complaint late in the day on Friday. Unfortunately, […]

Who would ever want to run for public office?? Palin’s children may be straight A students, or doing hours of volunteer work, but will the media write a front page story about that? If you advocate abstinence, and if some people do not follow your advice, does it mean your stand on abstinece is wrong […]