I was listening to the late Adrian Rogers’ sermon in my car yesterday:

“God did not give us spiritual gifts for our enjoyment. He gave them to us for our employment.”

I’ve always known that our spiritual gifts for not for ourselves, but to serve others.

But this time, it struck me how we don’t put it into practice.

I may have the gift of teaching, but I don’t want to teach the kids every Sunday. I only want to do it occasionally, when I want to, and if the kids are good.

I may have the gift of encouragement, but I only want to talk to people when it’s convenient for me, and if I’m not too tired, and if I like them.

I may have the gift of administration, but I only want to be involved if I like the project, and if doesn’t take too much time, and if I like the people I have to work with.

It seems to me that I use my spiritual gifts with too many if’s attached. Basically I am using my spiritual gifts for my own enjoyment.

If I follow God’s command, I would use my spiritual gifts wherever He calls me, on His terms, not mine. That despite my own feelings about the circumstances where I am to use my gifts, I am to use them as God has given them to me.

I am glad to learn this lesson today. It gives me encouragement to see God’s wisdom in the way He organizes the church, and how He uses us for His purpose. During hard times these 2 years, I’ve grown more in knowing God and in being encouraged by the revelations He’s given me.

3 Responses to “Why did God give us spiritual gifts?”

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  2. J R Says:

    I’m doing a sermon on Spiritual gifts for teens tonight and your comments have been found helpful to me. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Lisa Says:

    I have the gift of discerning of the spirits and was counseled by two Methodist ministers to understand it. In the future, I want to offer my spiritual gift to the Methodist church and work to clean churches and houses. Perhaps, this is my calling.