What I love most about teaching is it forces me to take the effort to study and meditate on the passage and then getting an insight that I had not seen before. On Sunday, I taught the children on Mark 9:35 – the greatest is the servant of all. Me: What does a servant/slave have […]

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I want to remember this for myself in my Bible devotional reading. Matthew 17:1-13 Don’t be so quick to do things for God. The first response is to listen to God. Enjoy the glory and majesty of Jesus.      

I unexpectedly saw a long time friend at Soupplantation today.  We were both waiting for our lunch partners so it was a perfect opportunity to catch up. To be honest, she is merely an acquaintance, and we barely recognized each other, but our conversation was so encouraging to me. I told her I wasn’t sure […]

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I have a friend name Iscah. I thought it’s a made up name, but yesterday I read it in the Bible. Iscah is the daughter of Haran; Haran is Abraham’s brother, that makes Iscah Abraham’s niece. (Gen 11:29). Her brother is Lot, who traveled to Canaan with Abraham. Though she is only mentioned one time […]

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In studying Isaiah chapter 1 and worship, I was thinking that sometimes church can get in the way of true worship. I love “church” and all that we do at church, but I’m not sure I love it because it’s worship or I love it because it’s comfortable and enjoyable.  I can’t help but think […]

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On Saturday, a friend shared her favorite verse – Isaiah 41:10. She said she did not know that verse, but she heard God speak to her in similar words when she was feeling overwhelmed and distressed about her job. When she got home and told her husband, he showed her Isaiah 41:10 – almost the […]

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