There is a Chinese phrase with no English translation that I know of.

My literal translation of the phrase is “diffused heart” or “scattered heart.”

My mom used to say that to us when we don’t want to study when school started in September. “You have a ‘scattered heart’ after the long summer vacation.”

Or when I lost interest in staying home to work on my sewing hobby after I was out having fun with my friends for several days, my mom would say my heart was scattered. I did not want to go back to doing what I use to enjoy.

I think that phrase is an apt description of what happens to our focus when we’ve had too much fun or distraction.

I love going to church and it’s never an obligation. But when we go on vacation and do not go to church for a couple of weeks, it’s hard to go back. My heart is scattered.

I love being at home and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. But if I hang around rich friends who spend money easily, my heart is scattered, and it’s hard to go back to my simple life.

While we all need a break from our daily routines, a distraction often makes our heart scattered.

Remember that this scattered heart should not make decisions. They would be impulsive decisions. A scattered heart doesn’t mean you should abandon your current life and go on vacation all the time.

Recognize that your heart is scattered. Come back to earth and refocus on your real life.

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