Notice some changes to my blog? It’s not as feminine as my parenting site, not my usual pink look. But I still like the water drops picture on the banner, a picture of the roof my car while we were washing it. This picture depicts the theme of this blog – Stuff that Matters in […]

I bought stuff at Costco and WinCo simultaneously. How is that possible, you ask? By “cooperative shopping.” I think we should all do cooperative shopping with a neighbor to save money and gas. My friend LL lives up the street from me. Via cell phone, we tell each other deals we see while shopping. We […]

This just occurred to me that I find interesting: While Jesus was being arrested and Peter pulls out his sword, Jesus reprimanded him saying, “Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?” It is clear that the Father’s will for Jesus is to be arrested, and eventually go to the cross. So […]


I went to Linens n Things yesterday and forgot to bring a coupon, can you believe that?? I didn’t want to make another trip, so I bought what I needed anyway. Before you buy anything, check for coupons first. Go to online coupon sites like Savings.com and you may find what you need. Whether it’s […]

In an effort to conserve energy, I think having ceiling fans are a good alternative to turning on the air conditioning. I saw a house with a ceiling fan in every room, well, except the bathrooms and the kitchen. They had traditional casablanca ceiling fans which is rather a nice decorative touch. I prefer modern […]


I don’t like going to the mall, so for people like me, shopping on the internet is great. We’ve bought a pool heater online and saved a couple hundred dollars. We bought a camera, computer equipment, books, toys, all kinds of stuff. Shopping for clothes is a chore for me. You can probably tell that […]

When we had the daily newspaper delivered, they stack up in the corner unopened (except for the comics) until Friday when we had time to read them. We cut down to the Sunday paper only and read that for a week (except for the comics and the Fry’s ad we read on that Sunday). Now […]


I finally made it to WinCo, and it was fun! The place is huge and there were many good buys. Best buys: Oatmeal – 51 cents a pound compared to 69 cents a pound at Costco Cooked roast beef – $3.99 a pound Cauliflower – 48 cents each (not per pound) Brown onions – 10 […]


The sickness bug has been rough on us this year. Even Mike caught a cold and cough a few weeks ago, and he NEVER gets sick. We’ve been using up several bottles of cold and cough meds. I’ve saved money by buying generic and store brand medications. Name brands such as Tylenol, Robitussin, and Triaminic […]


I don’t like the dark. It depresses me. I like to have all the lights on in the house. When I walk into a room, I like it to be bright. I hate walking into a dark room and have to grope for the light switch. A bright environment makes me happy. My husband hates […]

The station down the street is selling regular gas at $3.559 per gallon. (I hate that 3rd place decimal) Gas prices are expected to go up higher. With my Honda Odyssey holding 20 gallons, a fill-up costs me over $60. OUCH! People complain about gas prices. They say they can’t afford health insurance. Auto insurance […]

Kohl’s always has coupons. Don’t buy anything at Kohl’s without a coupon. If you like shopping at Kohl’s, open a credit card, with them, and they will send you coupons all the time. If you know someone or like a particular salesperson at Kohl’s and want to reward her, allow her to open the credit […]

Tom Hsieh is an inspiration to me. How many Gen Xers do you know would choose to deny himself of a big house, nice car, vacations, etc., choose to live on $38,000 and give away the rest of his $200k+ a year salary, choose to live in a lower economic neighborhood to share God’s love? […]