We look at others less fortunate, and we feel better about our own situation, don’t we?

But how about when see those in better situations, do we feel dissatisfied about our own?

If I had chosen to go to a different college, my life could be as good as theirs. If I go to a different church, I’d be having so much more fun. If I had chosen a different career, I wouldn’t have to be struggling with finances now.

As a real estate agent, I’ve seen the full range of homes. Some are worst than my own, and some are many times more beautiful than my own.

Yes, I feel lousy when I get home after touring a million dollar home..

Rather than thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, we can respond in a more productive way:

1. Be motivated to improve. I get motivated to clean my house after looking at the cute decorations at Ikea. I know I have more potential in my home than what’s I’ve done with it.

In the same way with church, when I see another church doing a really good thing, I don’t have to feel lousy about our church and think about leaving it. I can be inspired to put a little more effort into making our little church a great place too.

2. Copy their ideas. Seeing model homes are a great way to copy ideas to make my house nicely decorated too.

So it is, with my church, or with my website. We can learn from those better than ourselves.

3. Appreciate the differences in our different situations. Yes, the million dollar home is nice, but from my house, my daughter can walk to school. A bigger house would require more cleaning, and I would never be able to keep up the trees and landscape.

4. Enjoy what we have while we still can. No matter what we lack, we still have. Take advantage of the best of our circumstances. Find all that’s good about our life, and make full use of it. If you don’t have kids, but have a husband, have fun with your husband. If you don’t have a husband, enjoy your freedom!

Where I am is probably exactly where I should be.

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