What! There’s more? (The story starts here.) The health food and supplements industry continues to grow because it’s people like me who keeps them in business. Manuka honey –  I think this was the first health thing I bought. I was reading about intestinal infections as it relates to acid reflux. The way it’s described, […]


Continue from my list of supplements I’m taking – I know it seems like I’m taking a lot of stuff, yet to me it just seems like 3-4 pills. But I guess you wouldn’t have to take even one pill if you are perfectly healthy. Nowadays though, it is not unusual to take some supplement […]


Continuing my list of supplements to help relieve LPR: Calcium with Magnesium and Zinc – I read that calcium citrate can help heal the LES (lower esophageal sphincter), so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have some calcium anyway. It’s a huge pill, so I let it sit in my mouth with a little water […]


UPDATE from my previous post – The biopsy came back benign – Thank you, God! Some minor irritation of gastritis in the stomachs is the official result. In an effort to relieve my symptoms of LPR, I’ve been taking various natural supplements since April, but diligently since May 1, 2017. Now I will begin to […]

These are the things I’m doing to alleviate my digestion symptoms of LPR: Yesterday, I did an endoscopy. I want to rule out any serious damage that’s been done to my system since I think I’ve had LPR for some time without realizing it. In February, I did a colonoscopy. I figured I better check […]

I don’t know if I’m feeling better or worst, or just that I’m more aware of my symptoms. In December 2016 when I experienced pain in my stomach area, I went to see my doctor. She did blood work and ultrasound on my pancreas and everything was normal. I self-diagnosis that it was some digestion […]