“Why is it important that Jesus rose from the dead?” A fourth grader asked.

I’m working on explaining that in 13 minutes or less for the Easter sermon in a way that a 4th grader can understand and will change his life.

How has the resurrection changed my life? Does it change my life on a day to day?

Yes! It changed the trajectory of my life that Jesus is God! It gives me hope for the life to come as I am in the last quarter of my life! It gives me peace for this world that God has the ultimate power! I would make different choices if the resurrection didn’t happen. That’s what Paul says.

For a 4th grader, none of this matters. He just wants to play…

And that’s why it’s hard to prepare a children’s sermon.

To be honest, even for me, I have to remind myself the significance of the resurrection. My natural inclination these days is to be fearful of the future. I’m fearful of getting old, of dying, of bad news, of the world that my kids and grandkids will grow up in, of threatened physical safety, of the unknown.

I am glad we have Easter to remind me of the resurrection.


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