The way we live may be considered “the good life” – prosperous and doing whatever we please, having  a good time. We think the “gray areas” are not so bad; the ends justify the means and the means justify the ends. We are accountable to no one. But God sees all. From God’s perspective, sin […]

When someone wrongs you, do something very terrible like burns down your house, and takes everything you have, you would find it very hard to forgive him. But if you are a very nice person, you may find it in your heart to forgive him. But what if that someone is a person whom you’ve […]

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Isaiah 3:  The pride and glory of men will fall As long as we think we can handle things and solve our own problems, we won’t allow God into our lives. Pride keeps God away. Without God, we will fail, no matter how good we think we are. Instead of fragrance there will be a […]

Continuing in Isaiah: We live as if we’re in control of our lives, we live selfishly, we ignore God, we set up idols to rule us, as if there is no judgement day of reckoning, but there is. Judah was warned. We are warned too, that the Day of the Lord will come. Then where […]

In studying Isaiah chapter 1 and worship, I was thinking that sometimes church can get in the way of true worship. I love “church” and all that we do at church, but I’m not sure I love it because it’s worship or I love it because it’s comfortable and enjoyable.  I can’t help but think […]


This year at Bible Study Fellowship, we studied the book of Isaiah. I had not systematically studied this book, so it was a good discipline. However, some of the reading and homework was too much for me to keep up with. It was time consuming just to get the answers the questions and I didn’t […]