(See the beginning of my transmission problem here) Today I got my Honda Odyssey back from the dealer – with a new transmisson that cost me the labor of $839. That’s expensive, but not as expensive as the entire transmission. I give accolades to Honda for their customer service. Diamond Honda was also very diligent […]

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(See the beginning of my transmission problem here) I am happy to report that American Honda has agreed to pay for the part for a new transmission, providing I pay for the labor. I am satisfied with this arrangement. I think that’s fair. Though the labor is a little expensive (the dealer said it would […]

Since my last post, here is an update: I called Honda on Friday, Aug 29 about 4pm. They said someone will call me back within 2 business days. I was very impressed that Wayne from Honda called me back the same day, even though I registered my complaint late in the day on Friday. Unfortunately, […]

I am documenting this for reference. I have a 1999 Honda Odyssey, bought brand new from the dealer, Rock Honda it was. I was on a waiting list and waited a couple of months to get this van. It was purported to be the best van, efficient engine, and we trusted Honda as a maker […]