“Sorry for the last minute change of plans, mom.”

My son has his own apartment in college. Expecting him to come home for dinner tonight, I took a roast out of the freezer to prepare him some protein-rich-high-calorie red meat to fill his skips-breakfast-fast-food undernourished body.

In the afternoon, he told me he’s going back to school before dinner.

Ok, so I put the roast back in the freezer.

Then he called and said he would come back for dinner afterall. It was 6:00pm.

The roast comes out of the freezer, defrosts it in the microwave, dinner was ready at 7:45pm.

“No problem at all, son.”

For my children, nothing is a problem.

I want to be this way with other people too. I want to have the kind of heart that treats everyone as family.

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