…is they die. Unless you have a turtle, chances are your pet will die before you. And if you have more than one pet like we did, you have to go through grieving several times. It’s too sad, too emotionally draining. Our bunny Smokey died today…

This just occurred to me that I find interesting: While Jesus was being arrested and Peter pulls out his sword, Jesus reprimanded him saying, “Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?” It is clear that the Father’s will for Jesus is to be arrested, and eventually go to the cross. So […]


Our bunny Smokey was born on January 8, 2007. We adopted him on February 19th. We’ve had him for only 1 1/2 weeks, and it seems like we’ve always had him. When we are home, we let him out of the cage. He hops upstairs, hides behind the couch, hops around, and doesn’t bother anyone […]


My friend Barbara: My workout instructor asked if anyone wanted a baby bunny. Me: I want one! I want one! For the past month, we’ve been doing research on bunnies, went to see my friend’s bunny, and went to the Humane Society to look for a bunny. I posted this on my wishlist. But I […]