Having been a follower of Christ for so long, I still wonder why God doesn’t do more miracles in answering our good and reasonable prayers. I know the answers intellectually, but on an emotional level, I have to keep asking God to remind me that though he slay me, still I will follow. Here are […]

“Why is it important that Jesus rose from the dead?” A fourth grader asked. I’m working on explaining that in 13 minutes or less for the Easter sermon in a way that a 4th grader can understand and will change his life. How has the resurrection changed my life? Does it change my life on […]


I decided this morning that I would be optimistic. I would be happy. I have to remind myself of this often throughout the day. Otherwise my mind drift off to thinking about the weakness of my body. I am learning to be content with my body. I visited a friend today – outside her house. […]

I don’t know what gave me the courage. I don’t know why I said yes to an acupuncture treatment. Maybe I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Maybe I was hoping it’d be the silver bullet I’ve been looking for to clean up my health. Well, it was not the silver bullet…but at least […]

I failed. I want to hospitable but I’m not. I am too concerned for my own safety. I’m not willing to go above and beyond. I did not help a friend. But God is good. Another member of the Body of Christ helped. Christ’s name is glorified. I see God at work in accomplishing His […]


Children worship volunteer 1: It went well today. CW Volunteer 2: There were fewer children, many were absent. CW Volunteer 1: One particular child was absent made the difference! 😛 I caught something over Thanksgiving, and sort of lost my voice. I was thinking of not going to church but I woke up feeling ok. I’m […]


Seven years ago when I came to this church, I felt like a stranger, a visitor, in what is suppose to be my church home. I came from a small church where I was for over 20 years. I knew everyone, everyone knew me. I go to church and see all my friends. We’ve had […]

Today I was conferred the role of grandma. Today my granddaughter was born. I have a grandson in heaven who was born last year. I don’t tell people that I feel somewhat sad. Sad at the passing of a season of life that had been the best years of my life – it was 31 […]

We look at circumstances from a natural point of view, but God sees the big picture and can change the course of what we think “should” or “would” happen by working behind the scenes where we cannot see. Recently God worked out a situation beyond what I can imagine possible, with outcomes so much better […]

I will never have to buy Costco discount movie tickets again. The senior price for Edwards is $10.50. Anytime. That’s cheaper than Costco. I will now only go to a theater with recliner seats. I don’t love movies. The way to get through these epic 3 hr movies is to have my feet up, and […]


Yesterday I posted my issue of aging. I’ve developed all kinds of obsessions with problems that come with getting old. First it was my digestion with pain in my stomach. I asked my doctor run all the tests. I was obsessed with supplements. There were bottles of pills arriving at my door everyday. It was so […]


In a podcast today, the host asked, “What false beliefs do you have about yourself that is holding you back?” I have a false belief about getting old. I think old people can’t be productive. I think I’m old and therefore limited in what I can do. I make decisions based on what I can […]


I honestly can’t remember what I do each day. Each day rolls into the next. All I know is I’m busy, I’m reading Perspectives, I’m doing church stuff which is my job. Is this what life is? Is it like this for everyone? Before you know it, the year is gone, and you wonder, what […]

A funeral yesterday is a reminder of how flitting life is. When I was younger, I thought I had all the time in the world. Now I feel like I have no time at all. A year goes by and I wonder what I accomplished. Did I do the things that matter? Should I spend […]

I know the church belongs to God, but since I’m invested in it, I can’t help but have desires for what I hope would happen. And God has accomplished a few of those desires! It doesn’t happen immediately in my timing, but God’s time is always the right time. Here’s what God has done for […]

Uttering a few words of prayer doesn’t seem like much. Even if it was heartfelt, passionate, deep, long – whatever “good” prayer looks like, do those words make a difference? The obvious answer from any devoted Christian is yes. But why? How do words I say translate into changes in real life? Logically speaking, prayer […]

I always have high expectations that I’d get a lot of things done on Mondays. It’s my day off, I can clean the shower, clean the garage, clean the dresser, do some yard work..and I usually do none of those things… Instead we go to Costco  to buy stuff instead of cleaning out stuff. When my […]

At church today: Me talking to a 2nd grade boy: I’m not punishing you, I just want to help you worship God, and i think you can focus on God better if you didn’t sit next to your friend M. Where would you like to sit so you can focus on God? Would you like […]

To celebrate my big birthday, my family surprised me with afternoon tea at the Huntington Library. It was hard to settle on a date when everyone is available. Today I had extended deacons meeting in the morning, got out at 12:30, ate In n Out and drove out to Huntington Library. We stayed till closing […]

Once a month the pastors have a Saturday 8am meeting with the Deacons of our church. It’s the only day where I have to be at church that early. But I cannot complain since I know most people have to be at work at that time or even earlier, daily. And I only live 10 […]