Uttering a few words of prayer doesn’t seem like much. Even if it was heartfelt, passionate, deep, long – whatever “good” prayer looks like, do those words make a difference?

The obvious answer from any devoted Christian is yes. But why? How do words I say translate into changes in real life?

Logically speaking, prayer doesn’t make much sense. It may make us feel better, it may relief some stress, etc. but it doesn’t make sense that saying some words to God can do anything in the material world.

I read this in Truth78 today and it made sense:

Bottom line—prayer matters! . . . It matters because God is pleased to accomplish His unstoppable purposes through the prayers of His people. 

In a mysterious way, God himself provided a way in which He would use our words said to him to accomplish his purposes.

If you were to ask someone for a favor, especially someone in high authority, you would be wise to prepare a nice speech. But with prayer to the Creator of heaven and earth, it matters not how you say it, who it’s said by, all ages, all language, any form – amazing how prayer works!

We take it too lightly.

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