Children worship volunteer 1: It went well today.

CW Volunteer 2: There were fewer children, many were absent.

CW Volunteer 1: One particular child was absent made the difference! 😛

I caught something over Thanksgiving, and sort of lost my voice. I was thinking of not going to church but I woke up feeling ok. I’m glad I went to church: I was able to see someone whom we invited to church and came for the first time. I wasn’t expecting to see her. I saw my daughter’s childhood friend whom we had brought to church when she was young. Through the Christians at UC Berkeley she came to Christ and remembered how we used to bring her to church. I do think there is a movement of God at Berkeley. I was able to meet some of the 20+ students from Panama who came to visit because of our Panama STM.

I tried not to talk too much because of my voice, but people would think I’m being unfriendly.

We went to Candlelight Pavilion with a group at church. We bought tickets with the group a couple months ago not knowing who was going. It turned out there were 40 people. “This is the 50+ ministry!” “This is a better turn out!”

I sat next to someone I didn’t know too well. I know some sensitive information in her background shared confidentially among the pastoral staff. I’ve prayed for her and wanted to ask how she was doing with that, but I couldn’t, in case she didn’t know that I know. I don’t like having confidential information. I have to pretend I don’t know certain things. But it does give me the privilege and opportunity to pray for people and rejoice at answered prayers, whether I get to talk to them about it or not.  Because of my throat, I couldn’t talk to her as much as I would’ve.

My daughter had a full and busy day as well and we were able to talk a bit about our day before bed. What a joy to have her live at home. I don’t want to get used to it because it won’t last forever. At least I hope it doesn’t…I don’t want her to live with me forever. I’ve never encouraged our adult kids to come back home to live. But it doesn’t make sense for my daughter to move out. She wants to be close to church, and we live 4 miles from church…


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