We look at circumstances from a natural point of view, but God sees the big picture and can change the course of what we think “should” or “would” happen by working behind the scenes where we cannot see.

Recently God worked out a situation beyond what I can imagine possible, with outcomes so much better than I prayed for. Glory to God for working things out perfectly. He did it all behind the scenes in ways that we cannot humanly manipulate.

He reminded me once again that we are not in control at all. Most important thing is to pray, submit to God, obey his ways to love passionately and give generously, and then just trust Him. He will not fail you.

Someone commented yesterday that I have a pastor’s heart. That is a huge affirmation of God’s work in my life. I am by nature selfish and critical. But God has been stretching me, especially through my position at church to have to interact with people with all kinds of personalities. God has been refining me to love generously. For someone to notice a “pastor’s heart” in me is a testament of the Holy Spirit’s transforming work. I am humbled and grateful to God that I am growing.

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