At my church where I work, we have an indoor basketball gym. As part of my new year resolution to exercise, I was thinking I’ll take breaks throughout the day to shoot some baskets, by myself with hopefully no one watching. I wore my tennis shoes today for that purpose. But there were people in […]

A big part of my work is talking to people, mostly about good things, which is why I love my job. We talk about God and life which is what we are all about. Today, I am thankful for heart conversations with Sharon W and PT. However, I feel a little under the weather. Not […]

My new year resolutions, if I make any, tend to be the same each year. I guess I just want to keep working on those same habits that has not yet been firmly established as a habit. So for 2019, these are some things I want to work on: 1. Micro blog everyday about my […]

Our tradition is to watch the Rose Parade. I grew up in Pasadena where we went out to Colorado Blvd. every January 1st. I even stayed overnight on the street with my friends one year. If you’ve never done it, I recommend doing it once while you’re young. So we watched it this morning on […]


I inherited my mom’s very heavy down comforter. It weighs 14 pounds (yes, I weigh it). I love that blanket. My elder daughter is in line to inherit it from me. But that blanket is too hot to use, even in the winter, even without the heater on at night. But I love the way […]

Last Sunday, I wanted to go to evening service at Grace Community Church, an hour away from my house. It would kill 3 birds with one stone – take my daughter back to school, watch the baptism of her friend, and enjoy a time of worship since I was not able to attend the service […]

A week away from leaving for Taiwan! I am feeling much better – I asked many people to pray for me and the team, and I know God is answering. I feel I have more grasp of the lessons and teachings that I am prepping for. Psalm 77 has been an encouragement to me recently. […]

Pastor H said in his sermon on Sunday that people shouldn’t be surprised when they find out you go to church. It’s not a good thing if they say, “Oh, I couldn’t tell you’re a Christian!” I like what Aaron says here about having a consistent lifestyle as a church leader. Actually all who call […]


A reminder to myself – another way of saying “It’s not how long you life, but how well you live.” “You never know when your time is going to expire, so remember: as you add years to your life, it is more important to add life to your years.”  Barbara Johnson  

Came across this article from Aaron’s blog. “Slow traffic, a sick child, or a costly home repair may not seem like important tools in our sanctification, but they are. We often overlook these interruptions and inconveniences and instead expect God to work in our lives through huge life-changing circumstances. But the reality is, we won’t often […]

Heard these today that struck me – You start off walking with Jesus and end up working for Jesus. Ephesians 3:1 Paul is a prisoner of Christ, not prisoner of Nero. Christ put him in prison for His purposes. How do you appropriate Christ into your life? How do you lean on Him?  


While conversion to Islam is a concern to many Christians, implicit in the study is that birth rate also will play a part in Islam’s accelerated growth. According to Pew Research, Muslims have the highest fertility rate globally – an average of 3.1 children per woman; Christians are second, at 2.7 children per woman. The […]


I was talking to my pastor today and we are both people with ideas! If we have unlimited resources in money and manpower, it would be our Disneyland! It would be so fun to do everything that we envision our church can do. We want our church to have impact, not numbers, a church that […]

Whenever we experience pain, from a minor headache to a broken rib to a life-threatening disease, our first prayer is for God to take away the pain. I don’t think that’s right. As I age, can I expect my life to be pain-free? If my knees hurt and my neck is stiff, isn’t that just […]

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I don’t want to call them resolutions. Let’s just say they are notes to self for 2015. Read the Bible – each book 20 times. Focus my life and daily activities on love. “…the foundation for people-transforming ministry is not sound theology; it is love.” (Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp, p117). Declutter. […]

Every time I want to blog, something comes up  – fold the laundry, answer that email, water the plants. Blogging is one of those things, like exercising, that is a good thing to do and you would actually enjoy it once you start, but you find an excuse to procrastinate. Next thing you know, the […]

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I appear to people my age that I am tech savvy. I have a blog 🙂  I actually don’t know much. I credit my son and husband for helping me overcome my fear of technology. They help me with everything. I only know enough to get by and do what I want to do.  And […]

You know that feeling of coming home after a fun vacation, a let-down of being back to the usual, the mundane, back to the mess you made before you took off for vacation? I’m feeling it now, after a fun 5 days in Seattle. Here are my reflections about that: It made me realize that […]


Writing is a discipline, and I haven’t had any recently. I have things I want to blog about but it takes effort to get words down into a coherent form. So as with anything, just take a step and put one foot in front of the other. Here’s my one step: My head is beginning […]

Dear children, As much as I tried to be, I must admit I wasn’t the perfect parent to you. So I am looking in hindsight and analyzing what I should’ve done and shouldn’t have done, so that you can be aware of issues you might need to work on in your life. Hopefully this will […]