I don’t know what gave me the courage. I don’t know why I said yes to an acupuncture treatment.

Maybe I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Maybe I was hoping it’d be the silver bullet I’ve been looking for to clean up my health.

Well, it was not the silver bullet…but at least it didn’t hurt.

He’s a Korean licensed acupuncturist referred by a friend. My friend said Korean acupuncturist use smaller needles than the Chinese acupuncturist. Maybe that’s why I did it!

He put a few on my feet and legs a few on my the back of my hand and lower arm, and one on my stomach (for my digestion).

I did not feel any difference that night nor the next day.

I’m going to try another acupuncturist with personal testimony of a friend who experienced healing from this one.  She seems to have similar symptoms as me. I asked her if it hurt. “Well…don’t think about that. Think about the results you’ll get.”  Not too reassuring. I have an appointment in 2 days. I told myself I won’t chicken out.



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