I didn’t know what to expect. The periodontist said the tooth extraction would take a couple minutes. I would be able to drive myself. So I was thinking it was no big deal. It’s true, pulling out the tooth only took a couple minutes. But the whole process was about 50 minutes. The pain after […]

Having been a follower of Christ for so long, I still wonder why God doesn’t do more miracles in answering our good and reasonable prayers. I know the answers intellectually, but on an emotional level, I have to keep asking God to remind me that though he slay me, still I will follow. Here are […]


I decided this morning that I would be optimistic. I would be happy. I have to remind myself of this often throughout the day. Otherwise my mind drift off to thinking about the weakness of my body. I am learning to be content with my body. I visited a friend today – outside her house. […]

I don’t know what gave me the courage. I don’t know why I said yes to an acupuncture treatment. Maybe I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Maybe I was hoping it’d be the silver bullet I’ve been looking for to clean up my health. Well, it was not the silver bullet…but at least […]


I’ve lost motivation to do crafts. I would rather read, walk, talk to people. Making things that do not have purpose seem to be…purposeless, a waste of time. Unless I can see some eternal value with what I make, I don’t want to spend the time. Even with cooking, I just cook really simple. I […]

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01.20.2020 I don’t remember that my husband and I have ever gone to Disneyland just the two of us. We did yesterday, because his office offered free tickets as a reward for a good year. My husband doesn’t love Disneyland. The times I’ve gone is with my girls. So as I expected, he was ready […]

I got this free book by Bill Gaultiere when I went to his free seminar. I like free. I wasn’t sure if I’d want to read this since I have a stack of books I’m working through (wish I could read faster!) But I’m glad I did. There are better books out there on this […]


Had a full weekend of ministry. I enjoy the actual work but it’s the anticipation that stresses me. PT and I recorded our 3rd episode of our podcast on Friday afternoon. While this podcast was my idea, and I had to talk him into it, this time I felt anxious. I had a dream the […]


My last post of our Hawaiian vacation. Here are random places we went to: Goodwill. My favorite place anywhere I go. Bought a baby Hawaiian dress and a child size jinbei. Can’t get that at our Goodwill. Local library 2x. Another favorite place anywhere we go. We walked a couple of nice beaches and view […]


In a podcast today, the host asked, “What false beliefs do you have about yourself that is holding you back?” I have a false belief about getting old. I think old people can’t be productive. I think I’m old and therefore limited in what I can do. I make decisions based on what I can […]


I missed Costco today. Instead of our usual date to Costco, my husband and I spent our day preparing our house for a week’s visit from his brother and 2 children. When I say prepare the house, I don’t mean clean the house. I mean just get one room ready, and take stuff off our […]


We had internet issues at home last night. Posting this from yesterday. I am reminded once again that God is in control. He is good and he answers prayers. Prayers are not about getting them answered the way we want, but answers that bring glory to God, and accomplishes His purposes. Just in brief, so […]


At my church where I work, we have an indoor basketball gym. As part of my new year resolution to exercise, I was thinking I’ll take breaks throughout the day to shoot some baskets, by myself with hopefully no one watching. I wore my tennis shoes today for that purpose. But there were people in […]

A big part of my work is talking to people, mostly about good things, which is why I love my job. We talk about God and life which is what we are all about. Today, I am thankful for heart conversations with Sharon W and PT. However, I feel a little under the weather. Not […]

My new year resolutions, if I make any, tend to be the same each year. I guess I just want to keep working on those same habits that has not yet been firmly established as a habit. So for 2019, these are some things I want to work on: 1. Micro blog everyday about my […]

Our tradition is to watch the Rose Parade. I grew up in Pasadena where we went out to Colorado Blvd. every January 1st. I even stayed overnight on the street with my friends one year. If you’ve never done it, I recommend doing it once while you’re young. So we watched it this morning on […]


I wanted to do a podcast with our family pastor at church, for church people. But we haven’t had time. So I decided to experiment with my own podcast. Thanks to Aaron for his help whenever I need it. This was recorded a few weeks ago, and I finally sat down to learn how to […]

Thom Rainer mentioned this book in one of his podcasts. He didn’t talk about it, he just mentioned that it was a good book. Since it was available at the library, I read it.  If it wasn’t free to read, I don’t think I would’ve bought it. Not that it’s not a good book but it’s […]

Finally decided to read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, and then I find out it’s a Disney movie. I’m trying to read a book a month; so far I’ve read short books the first 3 months of 2018. The idea is not the length, but just keep reading stuff that I want to […]


Trickle-down Evangelism “Here’s the version you’re most likely to hear: “We have to focus on our people. So many of them are immature and in desperate need of spiritual instruction. If we prioritize the growth and maturity of our people then that will have a trickle-down impact on their passion and ability to live on […]