I’ve lost motivation to do crafts. I would rather read, walk, talk to people.

Making things that do not have purpose seem to be…purposeless, a waste of time.

Unless I can see some eternal value with what I make, I don’t want to spend the time.

Even with cooking, I just cook really simple. I don’t want to make anything with too many steps, like a lasagne.  I’ve lost the joy of eating because of my digestion problems.

I don’t know if it’s the pandemic, old age, lack of energy, depression, or a bit of all of those.

Maybe I’m feeling this way today because I’m alone at home. And I’m not having any fun. But I noticed I’ve been thinking this way for a while. Maybe that’s what people mean when they say they need a vacation. I’ve never thought I need a vacation. Getting ready for a vacation is stressful. I suppose everyone needs a change of environment once in a while.


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