We had internet issues at home last night. Posting this from yesterday.

I am reminded once again that God is in control. He is good and he answers prayers.

Prayers are not about getting them answered the way we want, but answers that bring glory to God, and accomplishes His purposes.

Just in brief, so I will remember this later, my dear friend SP’s baby died in utero at 14 weeks, but she did not want to do a D & C as the doctor recommended. She decided to trust God and wait for a natural miscarriage. She held on to the baby in her womb for two weeks. Then God answered in His timing in a miraculous way.

Today, she did end up with a D & C, so where is the answered prayer? Where is the miracle?

By waiting, the doctor changed his heart. As a doctor who performs abortions, SP’s doctor initially told her she cannot see the baby, “the fetus” is only “tissues”. But upon SP’s insistence to wait so she can deliver her baby whole, and be given the chance to hold and kiss the baby she named Uriah, the doctor said today he will try to take the “baby” out whole. He said BABY. An abortion doctor said a 14 week old in the womb is a BABY. That is a miracle. His change is a miracle. He took the baby out all intact except for a tear of one arm which he tried to reattach. And God answered SP’s prayer to see hold and kiss Uriah. And not only that, I believe He is doing something in the heart of that doctor.

I am praying that this doctor will not be able to rest. I pray that God give him dreams and show Himself to this doctor as a God who forgives repentant sinners, but will not let evil doers go unpunished.

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