My last post of our Hawaiian vacation.

Here are random places we went to:

Goodwill. My favorite place anywhere I go. Bought a baby Hawaiian dress and a child size jinbei. Can’t get that at our Goodwill.

Local library 2x. Another favorite place anywhere we go. We walked a couple of nice beaches and view points. As much as I love the beach, we didn’t want to sit on the beach in the hot sun, no shade. My husband doesn’t love the beach. We didn’t have anything else planned. Both of us love to read. What better place than in nice air conditioning? I bought 2 paperback books from the Friends of the Library used book section.

Famous Footwear. Our airbnb is walking distance to Ala Moana mall. We thought we’d take a walk around the mall. But we both hate shopping. Famous Footwear was the first store in our path. After that we left. There are some different styles. My husband bought a pair of shoes on sale. Sales tax is a little lower than in CA.

Hawaii Kai Church. My pastor HL knows the pastor here. It seems like a nice family church, but no one greeted us. It’s not a big church, the regulars would know we are new. In fact, we walked past the pastor, and he didn’t greet us.  What happened to Hawaiian hospitality? Later on I went up to introduce myself. Lesson learned – we should always greet people at church.

Maili Beach. We decided to explore the west side beaches, not popular side. I see why it’s not popular. The area is a little messy. The beaches are a bit dirty. And it’s busy with what looks like huge family gatherings. Big party tents are set up up and down the beach. Parking was hard to find. Everyone is barbecuing, the food smelled really good. We stopped and looked and moved on.

China Wall. It’s a cliff jump off. It was fun to watch the brave took the leap of faith into the roaring waves. It’s considered pretty tame I guess, its not that high, maybe like a high diving board. Still it’s pretty high and scary! Didn’t see anyone drown. It’s a small hide out in a residential area with about a dozen people there cliff jumping. No, we didn’t jump. But it thrilling just watching.


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