My new year resolutions, if I make any, tend to be the same each year. I guess I just want to keep working on those same habits that has not yet been firmly established as a habit.

So for 2019, these are some things I want to work on:

1. Micro blog everyday about my day. I can only remember major events of 2018, there is so much more I wish I remember. I tried to Instagram daily but that doesn’t work for me. I might try that again too. A daily habit of blogging a little about my day forces me to reflect, especially about things that I can be grateful for. My desire is to read this at the end of 2019 and see God’s hand in my life, instead of forgetting his kindness to me.

2. Be a servant without expecting anything in return. I know in my head this is how we are to live, but my old nature keeps looking for some reciprocal. I don’t mean I want acknowledgement or payment. But in the back of my mind I expect people to be nice to me if I am nice to them. That’s just how life should be, isn’t it? But it’s not always like that, and I need to look to Christ, that he serves me even when I continue to sin.

3. Continue to read a book a month. I was not consistent last year, so I need to make sure I complete one book a month. I have a lot of books I want to read, and I’m a really slow reader.

4. Exercise. This continues to be a challenge. I need to find something I can do regularly, something I enjoy. I am experiencing more aches and pains as I get older, but it’s not to late for me to get in shape.

Here’s my first micro post of 2019.


2 Responses to “2019 resolutions”

  1. Aaron Says:

    These are good resolutions! Seems like the perfect mix of spiritual and physical disciplines.

  2. Joyful Says:

    Thanks. You can ask me once in a while to see if I’m keeping them!