I bought stuff at Costco and WinCo simultaneously. How is that possible, you ask?

By “cooperative shopping.” I think we should all do cooperative shopping with a neighbor to save money and gas.

My friend LL lives up the street from me. Via cell phone, we tell each other deals we see while shopping. We can thus comparative shop without running around to all the stores and buy the good deals for each other.

So LL was at Costco, I was at WinCo at the same time. “How much are the corn?” It’s cheaper at WinCo, so I buy some for myself and buy some for her. “Hey, LL, can you buy me some bagels at Costco? It’s cheaper there.”

We figure out the bill and pay each other the difference.

Wherever we go, whether it’s Michael’s, Trader Joe’s, 99 Ranch Market, or Von’s, we call each other with good deals, shop for each other, and save gas and money.

We are figuring a way to keep a running tab so we don’t have to exchange cash all the time. That’ll save gas on trips to the bank too.

Make friends with your neighbor and do cooperative shopping.

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