Kohl’s always has coupons.

Don’t buy anything at Kohl’s without a coupon.

If you like shopping at Kohl’s, open a credit card, with them, and they will send you coupons all the time.

If you know someone or like a particular salesperson at Kohl’s and want to reward her, allow her to open the credit card for you and she gets a bonus.

But don’t open a credit card until they ask you. When I opened my account, they tried to entice me by offering me 15% off my total purchase. I was only spending about $20, 15% doesn’t make much difference, so I said no. Then she said, “How about 20% off and I’ll give you 3 coupons for 15% off you can use later, with no expiration date?”

I didn’t know they can up the ante, so I decided to see what else she will offer by saying no again.

This is the final offer I took: 30% off my purchase and 5 coupons for 15% off with no expiration date.

The best deals at Kohl’s are the clearance racks that are 70%-80% off. 

I bought a nice shirt there for $3.  I only buy what’s on sale.

I didn’t use a coupon with the $3 shirt though. 🙂

3 Responses to “Coupons for Kohl’s”

  1. Tony Feng Says:

    I just received two coupons in the mail. One was for 15% off and one was for 20% off.

  2. Laurie Says:

    No Kohl’s stores in the UK yet, I’m afraid…..Am I missing something?

  3. Joyful Says:

    Laurie, you aren’t missing much! It’s basically a family clothing store, with some home goods, shoes, jewelry. My daughter worked there over the summer.