Tom Hsieh is an inspiration to me. How many Gen Xers do you know would choose to deny himself of a big house, nice car, vacations, etc., choose to live on $38,000 and give away the rest of his $200k+ a year salary, choose to live in a lower economic neighborhood to share God’s love?

In this generation of excesses, Tom Hsieh lives counter-culturally.

I wish I was that mature and that far ahead in living for Christ when I was his age. Fortunately, it’s never too late.

I am inspired to live a at least a portion of that kind of life.

I read a blog of a mom who has committed for one year not to buy anything she doesn’t need. In that same spirit, here is what I passed up recently:

  • A dozen roses for $9.99 at Von’s. What a deal, but I don’t need it.
  • Any pie for $5.99 at Marie Callendar’s during the month of February. I was tempted on February 29th, but I don’t need it.
  • $5.00 PinkBerry, I passed by it yesterday, but I don’t need it.

I’ve never been extravagant in my spending. Being self-employed, we always live frugally to save for a rainy day. Lately, the storm is hitting pretty hard, with real estate down in the dumps. I am inspired by Tom Hsieh to live for Christ and store my treasures in heaven.

4 Responses to “Tom Hsieh”

  1. Tony Feng Says:

    Tom Hsieh is my friend’s brother, Tim Hsieh. He (Tom) spoke once at the Intervarsity at Fullerton. Told his story and stuff. Pretty interesting guy.

    What a small world this really is. Tim Hsieh is the cousin of my high school teacher. Who went to college with Ivy (used to come to our church). And all three of them went to missions in China. And now connected through your blog post.

  2. Joyful Says:

    Very interesting!
    Tom spoke at IV at USC, Elliot told me about him.

  3. Michael Says:

    Wonder what would be harder to do. Is is more difficult to be financially successful and then sacrifice your life-style, giving it away or is it more difficult to sacrifice your financial success to have a giving life-style.

    A pastor/missionary can give of their lives and build relationships, investing in other people rather than building a career and an investment portfolio.

  4. DAVID DRYER Says:

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