I finally made it to WinCo, and it was fun! The place is huge and there were many good buys.

Best buys:

Oatmeal – 51 cents a pound compared to 69 cents a pound at Costco

Cooked roast beef – $3.99 a pound

Cauliflower – 48 cents each (not per pound)

Brown onions – 10 cents a pound

Warnings –

* they do not take credit cards, only debit cards, cash, or check. I thought I would have to put everything back but lo and behold, it was a miracle that I had a $50-bill in my wallet. It was my husband’s early birthday present from his mom, and he put it in my wallet. 🙂

* you end up buying what you don’t need. I bought a bag of Bugles (I love to put those on each finger), and 1/2 a pound of macadamia nuts.

* do not go there hungry. You’ll be tempted to sample the items in the bins and there is a big sign that says “DO NOT SAMPLE.”

* I bought a pound of raisins, but it’s cheaper and better at Costco.

6 Responses to “I discovered WinCo”

  1. eugenia Says:

    winco is awesome 😀

  2. Joyful Says:

    I had to bag my own groceries!

  3. eugenia Says:

    but stuff is so cheap!! 🙂 I like the bins. Samurai peanuts!

  4. chimene Says:

    we’re long-time WinC-ers (sic) — eugenia, I agree about the Samurai peanuts!!! unfortunately my local store has just switched to a yucky variety thereof, sigh!

  5. Joyful Says:

    I haven’t checked for Samurai peanuts lately.

  6. samurai peanuts Says:

    Samurai peanuts are the best! Chimene, you said your local store switched to a yucky variety. I know what you mean, the Idaho Falls store used to have them, but I cleaned them out, and they got replaced with something that looks like they got the recipe wrong.

    I ran through my supply and got desperate for some, and here’s the closest thing I could find:

    At nutsonline.com order 2 pounds sesame peanuts, 1 pound wasabe peanuts, 1 pound cajun peanuts, and 1 pound japanese peanuts. Combine all and ENJOY.

    I am enjoying this homemade “Samurai Peanuts” mix now and to me it is even better than the real thing. YMMV.