I just got this insight (and another chapter for my book). I realize that as a parent, I have such a close bond of identification with my children that whatever happens to them it’s like it was happening to me. Recently when my daughter received a nice gift, I felt it was as if the […]


In the book of Matthew in the Bible, chapter 8 recorded the well-known event of Jesus calming the storm. The disciples were in the boat with Jesus when a violent storm kicked up. Much to the disciples’  irritation, Jesus was asleep. The disciples called, “Save us, Lord! We’re going to drown!” The interesting thing to […]


I am writing down what I am studying and learning in Acts. One of the hardest person to forgive is yourself. If you’ve done something wrong or stupid in the past, it comes back to haunt you even years later. I still kick myself for some of the stupid things I did in college. Like […]

I’ve studied the book of Acts many times. But I am forgetful. I never remember all the history of Paul’s travels, who the Roman and Jewish rulers were at his trials, and how all the other books of Paul are related in the timeline of Paul’s travels. So I am studying it again. In Acts […]

When we say Christianity is a relationship, not a religion, what does that really mean? How can you have a relationship with an invisible and infinite Being? I had an insight at church today. From what I read, all other religions require its followers to adhere to a set of standards, a system of worship, […]


I am just so impressed with Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the book of Daniel. The attractions of this world had absolutely no hold on them. They had position and power as rulers and administrators of a major province in a powerful nation. They were young, handsome, intelligent. Who wouldn’t want to be in […]


This is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, right up there with the book of Habbakuk. Deuteronomy 8 is especially relevant to us after devouring a huge Thanksgiving meal! For those of us who have more than we need, and even have much of what we want, this is a command and a […]


Daniel and his friends knew that they were chosen to eventually be leaders in Babylon. Out of all the cream of the crop from Judah, some would get the honored positions while others may end up in mere middle management as some department head. Did Daniel and his friends try to get to the top […]

I picked the book of Daniel for my study. I was going to skip Chapter one because I have studied Chapter one so many times. But each time I read the Word of God, it changes me in a different way. I am glad I read Chapter one. I’ve been on Chapter one for two […]

(Read yesterday’s post first) Yesterday, I posted a scenario that Greg Koukl encountered with a Jewish man. The Jewish man said he believed in God, and was living a moral life.  Those were the important things, it seemed to him—how one lived, not what one believed. What would you say to this Jewish man? Greg […]


This is from the Stand To Reason Ambassador Insights that are emailed to me by Greg Koukl: Earlier I wrote about everyday encounters we all have in restaurants.  As an ambassador I’ve learned that encounters are the bread and butter of my witness for Christ. For example, while giving a talk at a local Barnes […]

“And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” […]

Joseph was pursued by a married woman; David pursued a married woman. Joseph was tempted by a beautiful woman; David was tempted by a beautiful woman. Joseph was a mere slave; David was a king with a public life to uphold Joseph probably didn’t have too many women to choose from; David could have any […]

“…so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:5 We were at church and I asked, “Can I borrow someone’s car to take my daughter home?” Without hesitation, 2 people handed me their car keys. Later, I asked, “Can someone give me a ride […]

This just occurred to me that I find interesting: While Jesus was being arrested and Peter pulls out his sword, Jesus reprimanded him saying, “Shall I not drink the cup the Father has given me?” It is clear that the Father’s will for Jesus is to be arrested, and eventually go to the cross. So […]

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What do you think of when you hear the story of Jonah? We usually think of Jonah as the main character. His disobedience landed him in the belly of the fish. Then he repented and he went to preach in Ninevah. After hearing God’s message through Jonah, the Ninevites repented and were not destroyed. What […]

When you feel discouraged about life, read Genesis 37-50, the life of Joseph. When Joseph was merely 17, God told him he would rise to greatness. He was going to be big, a CEO, a huge success. God could’ve taken Joseph from point A of his teenage life to point B to his ultimate position […]

This thought challenged me: Jesus lived a sinless life and condemned sin. He taught about living a holy life and he walked the talk. Since he was so perfect, wouldn’t he be rather intimidating? Who can stand to be next to someone who is perfect? Wouldn’t you worry that he might point out one of […]

Some people who are against capital punishment use this argument: “People are created by God, so we should not kill them, even if they are hard criminals. After all, they are made in the image of God.” Did you know that the Bible uses this same reasoning for capital punishment? Take a look at Genesis […]

God’s MO is always different from how we think He should act. In Acts 18:9-10 in the Bible, Paul receives a vision from God saying to him: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I […]