In the book of Matthew in the Bible, chapter 8 recorded the well-known event of Jesus calming the storm.

The disciples were in the boat with Jesus when a violent storm kicked up. Much to the disciples’  irritation, Jesus was asleep. The disciples called, “Save us, Lord! We’re going to drown!”

The interesting thing to me is this: After Jesus calmed the storm, the disciples were amazed. “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!”

Well, didn’t the disciples ask Jesus to save them? Yet they were surprised when he did. What were they expecting him to do when they asked for help? Were they asking him to save them by helping bale water out of the boat? Were they asking him to steer the boat? Were they asking him to help them put on their life preservers?

Apparently, calming the storm was not what the disciples expecting him to do. It was probably beyond their scope to think that their teacher could do something like that.

They’ve seen him heal the sick. They’ve even seen him heal incurable diseases like leprosy. But calming the storm takes Jesus to the next level of greatness, and it had not occur to them that he could command a storm to stop in order to save them. When Jesus did, they were in awe.

I admit that I have very low expectations of God. When I pray, I ask him to help me with a little this, a little that. I am not asking him to do great things.

Why don’t I? Why am I not asking him to do things like calming the storm? Perhaps I don’t really need great miracles. I only want some mere annoyances out of the way.

I’ve been volunteering with Presence Ministry for the past year. I provideinformation to help parents. There is no big risk for me, and it’s all within my comfort zone.

The founder of Presence Ministry, however, has a vision from God to start this organization that required calming a storm. She started with little, and saw God open doors for her to reach her target audience. Despite personal financial lost in order to fund this ministry, she is not giving up, trusting God to provide.

I thank God for people like her who is an example to me as I learn to expect bigger things from God.

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