I am just so impressed with Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the book of Daniel.

The attractions of this world had absolutely no hold on them.

They had position and power as rulers and administrators of a major province in a powerful nation.

They were young, handsome, intelligent. Who wouldn’t want to be in their place?

Yet, they were willing to give it all up over a seemingly trifle matter. All they had to do was kneel to a senseless statue for a few seconds. Merely a half-hearted bow would do, and they can go on with their comfortable lives.

But instead, they chose death.

These young men were ready at any moment to give up everything they have, ready to suffer death. Nothing, I mean nothing, would make them dishonor their God.

How did they get this way?

In Chapter 1, they “resolved not to defile” themselves. Boy, that resolve is pretty strong. And what they mean by defile is pretty strong too. Impure, unclean, dishonor, desecrate.

If they made a commitment, a resolve, and then willfully dishonor God, would they be able to look themselves in the mirror the next day? Would they be able to live with themselves if they turn their back on the God who gave them everything they had?

Death would in fact be a better choice.

I think with every decision we make, we must think of how we will face ourselves in the mirror.

We make excuses, rationalizing, a bad childhood, too busy. But really, it’s a resolve, resolve not to defile.

Everything else can burn in the fire.

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