When you need to make a decision and ask for God’s leading, how do you know what His answer is? Two situations recently taught me something about discerning God’s leading. A friend had to make a decision – yes or no in accepting a position. Me: “Why don’t you ask God to give you a […]

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When I turned 40, my sisters warned me that I will soon be getting white hair. My mother started getting white hair at about that age, and so did my two older sisters. Eleven years later, and I am holding the count at 3 white hairs. I count them everyday to make sure there are […]

Bad news: my husband had chest pains and went to ER Good news: it wasn’t a heart attack Bad news: his EKG was abnormal, looked liked a heart attack Good news: he felt fine with no more chest pains when he was at the hospital Bad news: he had to stay overnight at the hospital […]

The King’s Christmas List is a cute children’s book written by Eldon Johnson. It’s a hardback beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Leick. I would consider this a gift book appropriate for children under 10 years old, reading this book with their parents, snuggled under covers with a cup of hot chocolate on a cool Christmasy day. […]

My recent surgery experience taught me a few things about praying for others. *I found it hard to pray for myself. I couldn’t concentrate, and was distracted by attending to immediate details and worries. However, I was reminded that many people were praying for me. I was comforted to know that God heard all those […]

I posted about my surgery experience on my parenting site, if you care to read that. Here are some additional thoughts: * When my surgeon and anesthesiologist came to see me just prior to the surgery, they asked, “Do you have any questions for us?” I said, “No question. I just want you to know […]

I read this from Dennis Rainey of Family LIfe: The choices you make today or tomorrow are not confined to today or tomorrow. A baby step of obedience may be all the ground you need to cover today in order to put yourself in position to launch a major spiritual breakthrough later on. As C. […]