Bad news: my husband had chest pains and went to ER

Good news: it wasn’t a heart attack

Bad news: his EKG was abnormal, looked liked a heart attack

Good news: he felt fine with no more chest pains when he was at the hospital

Bad news: he had to stay overnight at the hospital in CCU to run more tests to make sure

Good news: he had plenty of time to read the sci fi book I borrowed from the library for him

Bad news: they woke him up every 4 hours to do blood work

Good news: all blood work was normal, no heart damage

Bad news: he had to be transferred to another hospital to do an angiogram

Good news: he got to ride in an ambulance 🙂

Bad news: waited 5 hours for the angiogram

Good news: there was wifi so we could use our iPhones while waiting

Bad news: the bleeding from the angiogram caused some bruising on his thigh

Good news: angiogram showed no blockage in his arteries

Good news: the bleeding did not have complications, we were able to go home

Good news: had delicious porridge and lentil soup from friends waiting for us when we got home

Good news: had lots of love and support from friends

God is good.

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