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When I turned 40, my sisters warned me that I will soon be getting white hair. My mother started getting white hair at about that age, and so did my two older sisters.

Eleven years later, and I am holding the count at 3 white hairs. I count them everyday to make sure there are not more than 3. My sisters are amazed that I haven’t had to color my hair.

But I think that this year, my hair color will change. With my thyroid issues and a run to ER with my husband, I am begin to show my age.

Last Sunday at church, we were talking to a few people about cruises. I never wanted to go on a cruise because I don’t want to be stuck on a ship. What’s the fun of that? I want to see and experience different places. I like joining tours where they take you place to place.

“Cruise is a good vacation for old people,” G said. “You don’t have to bother packing and unpacking everyday to go to a different place.”

Well, maybe in a few years, I’ll be ready to cruise.

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