“Okay, I’ll take care of it.” I hear my husband say that several times a day. But you will never hear me say those words. Thanks, dear!


I know exactly what I want from Jesus when I get to heaven. I want the voice of Barbra Streisand. If we are going to spend eternity singing with the angels, hey, I don’t want to live with this voice for eternity.

I borrowed another Mary Russell book from Kimberly, and it took me awhile to read it. O Jerusalem by Laurie King was intriguing, but it wasn’t a book I couldn’t put down. In fact, I put it down so many times that I couldn’t quite follow the plot. King depicts Sherlock Holmes and his partner […]


A white guy with the big afro hair in the 70’s…yes, that’s Keith Green. I was a new Christian when I was first introduced to his music. His songs moved me to tears. I love the way he sings the hymn Holy, Holy, Holy. I spoke at a youth retreat years ago and at the […]


Notice some changes to my blog? It’s not as feminine as my parenting site, not my usual pink look. But I still like the water drops picture on the banner, a picture of the roof my car while we were washing it. This picture depicts the theme of this blog – Stuff that Matters in […]

One of the shelves in the freezer compartment of my refrigerator broke. I don’t even remember when we bought this refrigerator. We’ve had it for over 10 years, probably closer to 15. People don’t need to buy a refrigerator very often. If I had to shop for a refrigerator today, I am glad there are […]

I wrote my first book review for RadiantLit.com Here is my review of the Christian fiction MisMatch, by Erynn Mangum. I don’t usually read Christian fiction. The last one I read was a Father Tim series in January, 2007. Since I get a free book in payment for writing a review for RadiantLit, I choose […]

Fresh homemade crust with butter (special no calories or cholesterol butter for this one special pie), sweet strawberries on sale at Von’s, homemade glaze made with crushed fresh strawberries, no artificial flavors, a dab of real whipped cream (CoolWhip is yucky, not worth the calories). Yes, we made it with our own hands. And the […]

I bought stuff at Costco and WinCo simultaneously. How is that possible, you ask? By “cooperative shopping.” I think we should all do cooperative shopping with a neighbor to save money and gas. My friend LL lives up the street from me. Via cell phone, we tell each other deals we see while shopping. We […]

When circumstances do not go the way I want, I am not happy. When people do not act the way I want them to, I am not happy. When I can’t get what I want, I am not happy. When life is not what I hoped it would be, I am not happy. Heck, I […]

Another Sherlock Holmes book not by Conan Doyle. This one is The Seven Percent Solution by Nicholas Meyer. Holmes’ cocaine addiction is so unpopular. This is the second book I’ve read that talks about Holmes quitting the habit. I agree that we don’t like the idea of our hero as a drug addict. The Seven […]