When circumstances do not go the way I want, I am not happy.

When people do not act the way I want them to, I am not happy.

When I can’t get what I want, I am not happy.

When life is not what I hoped it would be, I am not happy.

Heck, I can be unhappy most of my life!

I’ve been told, but now I finally know the importance of finding happiness from somewhere else other than in the things of this world.

It’s just insane to expect my happiness to come from circumstances and people. That is just not how life works. Why do we insist on water to come out of a rock? Continuing to look for happiness there will only result in disappointment, discouragement and depression.

The source of happiness comes from deep within, where the Spirit of God dwells.

When the Spirit of God speak words of love in my heart, when He speaks words of comfort through His Word, when He reminds me of His great love for me that while I was a sinner, He died for me, when He reminds me of all that He has already blessed me with in the past, I am happy.

Look for happiness in the One who does not change as circumstances and people change. Then my life is happy.

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