Another Sherlock Holmes book not by Conan Doyle.

This one is The Seven Percent Solution by Nicholas Meyer.

Holmes’ cocaine addiction is so unpopular. This is the second book I’ve read that talks about Holmes quitting the habit. I agree that we don’t like the idea of our hero as a drug addict.

The Seven Percent Solution definitely sounds like it was written by Dr. Watson. That part I like.

It seems that every author likes to write an aspect of Holmes’ life that Doyle did not detail, and tries to make sense of it by being creative. In this book, there is a twist about Professor Moriarty, Holmes’ nemesis. It’s rather interesting but it wouldn’t fit with Doyle’s other references to Moriarty. And it doesn’t put Holmes in a very good light.

Some of Holmes’ mysterious past is revealed in this book when Holmes allows himself to go under hypnosis by a Jewish doctor in Vienna. Can you guess who this up and coming doctor is that Holmes met up with in the 1890′s? Take a guess.

I enjoyed the book, and I am glad to have found an author I like so I can read more of his material. (Thanks, again, Pete.)

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