I inherited my mom’s very heavy down comforter. It weighs 14 pounds (yes, I weigh it).

I love that blanket. My elder daughter is in line to inherit it from me.

But that blanket is too hot to use, even in the winter, even without the heater on at night. But I love the way the blanket feels because it’s heavy. It feels like I’m being hugged. Maybe it’s a security thing, like I’m protected.

Apparently I’m not the only one who loves a heavy blanket. There is in fact a researched based explanation. “Deep pressure touch stimulation (or DPTS) is a type of therapy that almost anyone can benefit from. Similar to getting a massage, pressure exerted over the body has physical and psychological advantages.” Now there’s an official name for the reason why I love my mom’s heavy blanket!

For his birthday, my husband bought me a weighed blanket (yes, I got a present on his birthday. Awesome husband.) I’ve been using it for the last couple days and I do love it. It’s not fluffy like the down, but it does have that crushing feel that makes me feel secure.

I don’t know if it’s the blanket, or it’s coincidence, or it’s psychological, or the research is right, but I slept better the last couple of days since I got the blanket 🙂

P.S. I got a 10 lb blanket which is suppose to be suitable for a 90-100 lb person. I could’ve gotten a 12 lb blanket (the heavier the more expensive), but I went on the cheaper and safer side in case I can’t breathe under the weight.

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  1. Aaron Says:

    Very interesting! I also enjoy a heavy blanket but I think I end up pushing it away during my sleep haha.

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