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I went into the pool today, for exercise, by myself.

I hardly ever do that, but I was inspired by the 5 kids who came yesterday with their parents and had so much fun swimming. I realized what a gift it is that I have a pool, and I should use it. I needed to wash my hair anyway, I might as well get some exercise and get my hair wet.

I asked my MIL to call me after 20 minutes, to force myself to stay at least that long lest I am tempted to get out after 5 minutes.  I enjoyed the quiet time by myself and the 20 minutes didn’t seem like a long time. I got some exercise.

Honestly I would much rather sit and read for 20 minutes instead of going in the pool. But forcing myself to do something out of the ordinary challenges me mentally to push against my natural inclinations. It opens up my mind.

When I was in college, I would take a different way to class just so I don’t fall into a boring routine. A different route allowed me to open my mind to new sights. Now I take the same way to church because it’s the fastest, and the other streets are closed for construction. Once the construction is done, then there are more options.

On the other hand, there is the theory that wearing the same clothes everyday, like what Steve Jobs does, frees up the clutter of decision making in order to have more capacity in your brain to make more important decisions. This may be why I can’t make important decisions. I am making too many small decisions such as deciding which route to take to church instead of the default everyday.


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