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PT said I looked somber at the deacon’s meeting this morning. I was alert, but perhaps I felt a bit like a cloudy day. Not tired, but not bright. How do you describe that kind of mood?

Another fun gathering in our backyard with Awana core team. While we had fun chatting, there were no deep conversations. When we were with the young married couples, the conversation was more intentional about life, there was more depth where I felt I got to know them. Tonight was socializing, but not where I felt we had good conversations. I have known this group longer, we could’ve shared deeper. But somehow I didn’t know how to take it there whereas with the young couples it was easier.

This is why I like to hang out with young adults. I think they know how to talk deeper, spiritual life. I learn a lot from them. I wonder if others think this way about young adults vs older adults.

It was great seeing young kids enjoying our pool. I’m so happy we have a house and pool to have gatherings.

In my previous church, people always asked to have gatherings here because they knew we are that kind of people who would open our home. It took 7 years at this church for me to feel like I’m a part of this church where people would come to our house, and for people to ask to have gatherings here.

Tomorrow Amy’s small group is meeting here.

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