I dreaded the trip to the Social Security office to get a replacement Social Security card for Audrey. I couldn’t navigate their phone system to get an appointment (“please press or say 1” ugghh!) so we decided to just go to the office and either get in line or get an appointment. Two things impressed […]

When we had the daily newspaper delivered, they stack up in the corner unopened (except for the comics) until Friday when we had time to read them. We cut down to the Sunday paper only and read that for a week (except for the comics and the Fry’s ad we read on that Sunday). Now […]


I finally made it to WinCo, and it was fun! The place is huge and there were many good buys. Best buys: Oatmeal – 51 cents a pound compared to 69 cents a pound at Costco Cooked roast beef – $3.99 a pound Cauliflower – 48 cents each (not per pound) Brown onions – 10 […]


The sickness bug has been rough on us this year. Even Mike caught a cold and cough a few weeks ago, and he NEVER gets sick. We’ve been using up several bottles of cold and cough meds. I’ve saved money by buying generic and store brand medications. Name brands such as Tylenol, Robitussin, and Triaminic […]

After over 30+ years of being a Christian, many aspects of prayer remains a mystery to me. And here is something new I learned about prayer this week. I notice I was feeling a lack of motivation in life. I wondered what I am living for. I was losing focus on projects that I was […]

For those who are mystery book fans like me: Q: How many mystery writers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Two, one to screw it almost all the way in and the other to give it a surprising twist at the end. :)    Thanks for that one, Pete. 


Warning: Spoiler ahead. This is the weirdest rendition of Sherlock Holmes I’ve read. I thought Holmes having a female partner and then marrying her was off the wall. In this book, Exit Sherlock Holmes by Robert Lee Hall, everything about Holmes’ mysterious background is explained. Where did he acquire his many skills as an actor, […]


Our pastor told a great story today. A little girl was saddened by the death of her cat. Her mother tried to comfort her and told her, “Don’t worry dear. Your cat is in heaven with God.” The little girl looked at her mother and said, “What does God want with a dead cat!”  🙂 […]

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I created my first Squidoo. The first “lens” I made there is about The Rebelution. They are doing a Book Bomb on March 25th. Check it out.


I don’t like the dark. It depresses me. I like to have all the lights on in the house. When I walk into a room, I like it to be bright. I hate walking into a dark room and have to grope for the light switch. A bright environment makes me happy. My husband hates […]

This thought challenged me: Jesus lived a sinless life and condemned sin. He taught about living a holy life and he walked the talk. Since he was so perfect, wouldn’t he be rather intimidating? Who can stand to be next to someone who is perfect? Wouldn’t you worry that he might point out one of […]

I had dinner with my dad tonight. “Where do you want to go for dinner, dad?” “How about HopLi Chinese restaurant?” Sure. We walk into the restaurant and the receptionist and waiters/waitresses all greet him. “Hey, Mr. Leung. You’re back again. That’s two days in a row.” “Dad, you were here last night for dinner […]

Get into a car accident and it’s your fault – Ctrl Z People annoying you – Ctrl X Can’t find your keys – Ctrl F Having a great day – Ctrl C

The station down the street is selling regular gas at $3.559 per gallon. (I hate that 3rd place decimal) Gas prices are expected to go up higher. With my Honda Odyssey holding 20 gallons, a fill-up costs me over $60. OUCH! People complain about gas prices. They say they can’t afford health insurance. Auto insurance […]

Kohl’s always has coupons. Don’t buy anything at Kohl’s without a coupon. If you like shopping at Kohl’s, open a credit card, with them, and they will send you coupons all the time. If you know someone or like a particular salesperson at Kohl’s and want to reward her, allow her to open the credit […]


When you finally figure out life, you don’t need to know it anymore. The test is over, and there is no re-take. 1. I know now how to stand confidently to give oral presentations, but I don’t have to take Speech class. 2. I know now how I should’ve handled myself on a date, but […]

What do you read after you’ve read all the tales of Sherlock Holmes by Conan Doyle? You can read Sherlock Holmes written by other authors. Unlike the Mary Russell series, the adventures of Holmes and Watson in Murder, My Dear Watson contains a series of short stories that stay true to the original character of […]

I picked up this book randomly at the library. I needed some encouragement and some perspective – as Ego says in Ratatouille The Joy of Failure by Wayne Root is light enjoyable reading. He tells lots of illustrative stories, emphasizes good values of putting God and family first, and gives encouragement to never give up. […]

Tom Hsieh is an inspiration to me. How many Gen Xers do you know would choose to deny himself of a big house, nice car, vacations, etc., choose to live on $38,000 and give away the rest of his $200k+ a year salary, choose to live in a lower economic neighborhood to share God’s love? […]