One morning, Chocolate, Audrey’s dog, wouldn’t get out of bed.

As the week progressed, he seemed more and more unable to move. He looked pained, his back was sometimes arched, and he began tripping over his hind legs.

A visit to the vet diagnosed him with a possible slipped disc.
After a week of anti-inflammatory steroids and muscle relaxant, he did not show improvement.
We sought a second opinion. This vet basically said the same thing. He suggested surgery immediately. Chocolate still had feelings in his hind legs, so it is a good sign that he should recovery with back surgery. If he gets worst, he said, even surgery may not help.

On Thanksgiving day, Chocolate’s hind legs were almost completely immovable. He was dragging himself to move forward a few inches. The next day, we took him to see a neurologist at the animal hospital. The recommendation of this vet did not surprise us – surgery.

To be continued…

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    […] 3/16 6:00PM. Chocolate, Audrey’s dog, had to go to the vet, again! He apparently got some kind of insect bite on his paw. He had been licking it, and it looked swollen. The visit set us back $108. Even the vet said he was an expensive dog, after hearing about the back surgery that he went through. Now he is on antibiotics. […]

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