How much are you willing to spend to save a dog’s life?

We justified a $4000 expenditure to save 5-year-old Chocolate. He should have a good 5-10 years of life in him. Even ordinary average human compassion could not let a little dog die when you know treatment is within reach, wouldn’t you do the same?

Here he is, home from surgery. Note the shaved back and long scar. I have a better picture of his scar, but too gruesome for general audience.

Chocolate resting after he came home from the hospital

In 2 weeks, we will bring him back to have his staples removed. He had surgery last Saturday morning, and he came home on Tuesday.

When we brought him home, I told Audrey, “Hold on to him tight. If he gets run over by a car, the $4000 is wasted.”

I was being practical.

We are happy he is acting pretty much his feisty self, barking at cats roaming in our backyard and wagging his tail (which he couldn’t do with the ruptured disc. By the way, one big ruptured disc was what he had.) We are to keep him in his crate so he can rest up and recover fully before returning to normal activities like running. But we will not let him jump up and down the furniture, nor go down the stairs from Audrey’s room ever again.

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