I am glad I got to spend a little time with my dad today. I don’t often make the effort to drive the 45 minutes to see him. Since he needed someone to take him to a doctor’s appointment today, I was glad to have the opportunity. He bought me dim sum for lunch with […]

Why are people surprised when they find out I did not vote for Obama. Almost 60 million others did not vote for him. It’s no surprise to me that polls are showing lower approval rates for Obama.

I realize now what my mom had to go through. I came from a family of 4 kids, with only a span of 6 years between us. My mother was a Stay-At-Home mom; we were her life. None of her own family lived near us, they were in other countries – Hong Kong, Australia, Canada. […]


Project Happily Ever approaches Valentine’s Day the same way my husband and I do. To my hubby for Valentine’s Day, I give you the haiku in 5 stanza, written by Project Happily Ever. (Change latte to tea, wine to hot chocolate, tight pants to loose pants, fat to thin, rodents to crickets…) Ode to Mr. […]


This book in the Ender’s Game series was a little hard to get through. The start was a little slow. I gave up, skipped a few chapters, read the end, and then went back to read it through. Orson Scott Card in this book Speaker for the Dead tells how humans and an alien species […]

Even if you are pro-abortion, it doesn’t make sense to have government funding for abortion. I read this on bound4life.com With all this attention on our tax-dollars and the recent Gallup poll that shows only 35 percent of America supporting the reversal of the Mexico City Policy, which banned money the U.S. gives in medical […]

It is not a coincidence that when I begin to criticize someone’s behavior that I become aware of that same bad behavior in myself. The Bible is right (well, it’s always right) – How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is […]