Since my last post, here is an update:

I called Honda on Friday, Aug 29 about 4pm. They said someone will call me back within 2 business days.

I was very impressed that Wayne from Honda called me back the same day, even though I registered my complaint late in the day on Friday. Unfortunately, I missed his call.

Monday being Labor Day holiday, I called Wayne on Tuesday. He told me I need to have an official diagnosis from a Honda dealer, and then he will evaluate the case and see what Honda can do as a gesture of “goodwill” even though I was out of warranty. He was very nice, but I’ll see how nice he really is in giving me “goodwill” in dollars.

So today, Thursday, I take my car to the Honda dealer at 11:30am. The transmission problem is indicated by the lit engine check light on my dash. I figured the diagnostic shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. They put their computer probe into the car, it tells them the error code, they write up a report, and the diagnosis is done. That’s how it was done the last time I was there last year.

Apparently things have changed. More red tape, wouldn’t you know it? The service guy said it’ll cost $90 for the diagnostic, and it’ll be ready in 3-4 hours!!

I told the service guy (I forgot to get his name) that I am pretty sure it’s the transmission. After telling him the typical symptoms of slipping gears, he agreed that it’s probably the transmission, but it’ll still cost me $90 and 3-4 hours.

I asked, “Since you pretty much know that’s the problem, can the diagnostic be done faster?”

His response: He has to submit the request to the dispatcher, and the dispatcher assigns to an available service guy. Depending on who is available… and it’s almost lunch time… and after lunch in the afternoon, it’s hard to say who’ll be available….OMG

That’s the problem with the American economy.

Plus, he said if they determine it’s the transmission, they will call Wayne at Honda, and get approval as to what Honda will do for “goodwill”. It may take up to 2 days to get an approval, and more days for them to get the work done. “So you’ll have to leave your car here for 4 days.”

What! Living in the suburbs, one cannot live without a car for 4 days!

Since today is Thursday, he asks, “Can you leave your car here for the weekend?”

“Can you give me a loaner?” I asked.

The answer was No. No surprise there.

So I’ll take it back first thing Monday morning, and leave the car there for 4 days….sigh…

Even if they give me a new transmission for free, it’s still costing me plenty.

See update here – Transmission repair approved!

5 Responses to “Honda Odyssey transmission response”

  1. Laurie Says:


    Its a pity Americans cant live without their cars…..even for four days!

  2. Joyful Says:

    Haha, yes, a sad truth, and why we are dependent on imported oil! We are trying to walk more, but a 10 minute drive to church will take me an hour to walk…

  3. Honda Odyssey transmission problem Says:

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  4. alisaom Says:

    Did they end up covering your transmission?

  5. Joyful Says:

    They did. I paid for labor about $850.