I like these small books, they are concise, and gives me enough that if I want to dig deeper, I can get a bigger book on the topic, and maybe even by the same author. Found: God’s Peace by John MacArthur is a book (88 pages excluding notes) I would read again to be reminded […]

I downloaded a free ebook titled “Pipeline-Creating and Curating a Recruiting Culture” by Todd Adkins (Lifeway). The title of the book drew me in because it’s exactly what our church needs. As with all books I read, I always hope for an easy answer to a complex problem, same as when I google for a […]

In keeping with reading a book a month (small or big books count), I read A Practical Guide to Culture – Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World, by John Stonestreet & Brett Kunkle. The book breaks down the various issues of the day such as gender identity, addiction, racial tension. Then it explains the cultural […]

I have a hard time finishing this book. It started well, but I started skimming through it. It took me a long time to get through. It’s not theologically accurate to the interpretation of the parable Jesus told, but that doesn’t bother me. I didn’t read it for it’s theological content. The book is more […]

Finally decided to read A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle, and then I find out it’s a Disney movie. I’m trying to read a book a month; so far I’ve read short books the first 3 months of 2018. The idea is not the length, but just keep reading stuff that I want to […]

I am trying to finish a book a month, in addition to other books I’m trying to read. Cold-Case Christianity for Kids by J. Warner Wallace is a good introduction to anyone, including adults, who is interested in knowing a little about how you can know if Christianity is true. The methods are similar to […]

I read this small book many moons ago, I have it somewhere. I read it again this week, borrowed it from my daughter. One insight: We already have the Holy Spirit, and that’s like having Jesus with us all the time. If Jesus was with me, I would not be afraid of anything. I would […]

George Muller is one of my heroes. Whenever I need inspiration to pray and have faith, I read his biography. I happen to spot this biography in the church library, and again, I am inspired by Muller’s life and faith. While we don’t put ourselves in situations where we need to pray for daily provisions […]

Preface of the book: Today may be the enemy of your tomorrow. In your business and perhaps your life, the tomorrow that you desire and envision may never come to pass if you do not end some things that you are doing today. I borrowed this book from the library after Bill Hybels referred to […]

Pastor W lend me this book as I prepare to go to Short Term Mission in a couple of weeks. I learned a lot from this book. A few highlights: p.71-76 The incident of servanthood Chapter 5 Short terms with a long term view p.150 Don’t make the focus of your trip eliminating or managing […]

I am getting ready to go to Taiwan for a Short-Term Mission trip! This will be my second time, helping the same missionary as last year. My daughter is going to Japan for STM for the first time with Grace Community Church. She told me about this book and of course, since I love books, […]

I borrow this book from HL since I’m interested in the evolution of the Asian American church. I’ve read online articles by DJ Chuang and generally like to read his insights. I skimmed through this book because I don’t really want or need the details. I have many other books I want to read. And […]

My son had been talking about living on a farm and recommended this book. After reading it, I want to live on a farm too! I don’t have cable TV so I’ve not seen Fixer Upper. I love the book – read it in 3 days while other books are waiting in a stack. God […]

The subtitle is “Leading change in the church”. I could’ve used this book when I was at my previous church. Though the results of failing to make the changes we tried to make would not have changed, it would’ve prepared me better. From what I learned from that experience, I did a better job at […]

This book is under the J section of the library – for Juvenile. My friend used this historical fiction in homeschooling her sons. I read it to consider using the book to teach English in Taiwan. The historical setting is in the days of Jesus. These are a few short conversations between the main characters […]

The subtitle is “Hopeful reflections on the challenges of parenting children with special needs.” Recently we’ve had a couple more families with autistic children come to our church. I am glad God find us worthy to care for His special children. I read this book to better understand the families. The authors have two autistic […]

I received this book in my package to prepare for my upcoming short term mission trip. I finished this book within a week; I couldn’t put it down. I would’ve finished it faster but Henri Nouwen’s books require a lot reflection and soul searching. This book is so good I am reading it again. “In the Name […]

I couldn’t keep to my resolution that I would read one book at a time. I love to read books but I’m a slow and impatient reader, so I read several books at one time in order to get a taste of each book. I made an effort to read through “Am I Called?” because […]

I’ve been reading this book on and off, and have pretty much read the whole book. But I’m reading it again from the beginning because it encourages me so much and I’ve forgotten so much. As I reread it, I will jot down some good points that I want to remember. This will be an […]

Read another mystery, but after this I will go back to nonfiction. The motivation for the murder was not very believable. Side stories were also a bit on the ridiculous side. No more of Ruth Rendell for me, at least for now unless I get desperate.