I borrow this book from HL since I’m interested in the evolution of the Asian American church. I’ve read online articles by DJ Chuang and generally like to read his insights. I skimmed through this book because I don’t really want or need the details. I have many other books I want to read. And […]

My son had been talking about living on a farm and recommended this book. After reading it, I want to live on a farm too! I don’t have cable TV so I’ve not seen Fixer Upper. I love the book – read it in 3 days while other books are waiting in a stack. God […]

The subtitle is “Leading change in the church”. I could’ve used this book when I was at my previous church. Though the results of failing to make the changes we tried to make would not have changed, it would’ve prepared me better. From what I learned from that experience, I did a better job at […]

This book is under the J section of the library – for Juvenile. My friend used this historical fiction in homeschooling her sons. I read it to consider using the book to teach English in Taiwan. The historical setting is in the days of Jesus. These are a few short conversations between the main characters […]

The subtitle is “Hopeful reflections on the challenges of parenting children with special needs.” Recently we’ve had a couple more families with autistic children come to our church. I am glad God find us worthy to care for His special children. I read this book to better understand the families. The authors have two autistic […]

I received this book in my package to prepare for my upcoming short term mission trip. I finished this book within a week; I couldn’t put it down. I would’ve finished it faster but Henri Nouwen’s books require a lot reflection and soul searching. This book is so good I am reading it again. “In the Name […]

I couldn’t keep to my resolution that I would read one book at a time. I love to read books but I’m a slow and impatient reader, so I read several books at one time in order to get a taste of each book. I made an effort to read through “Am I Called?” because […]

I’ve been reading this book on and off, and have pretty much read the whole book. But I’m reading it again from the beginning because it encourages me so much and I’ve forgotten so much. As I reread it, I will jot down some good points that I want to remember. This will be an […]

Read another mystery, but after this I will go back to nonfiction. The motivation for the murder was not very believable. Side stories were also a bit on the ridiculous side. No more of Ruth Rendell for me, at least for now unless I get desperate.

I don’t watch TV (except HGTV on Netflix) and I don’t like movies (except Disney Pixar and other clean movies). The book is always better. In this book by Patricia Wentworth, the build up and character development was pretty good, I was quite drawn in. But the mystery was solved in the last few pages […]

I needed to take a break from serious reading and do some mindless entertainment. An old-fashion whodunnit mystery novel is always my first choice of fun reading. When I googled “authors like Agatha Christie”, Charlotte MacLeod came up. I checked out this Professor Peter Shandy murder mystery. The murder and resolution was somewhat satisfying, sort […]

I was given this book from my church (chosen by Aaron Lee) to align ourselves in proper worship of God. The beginning few chapters are foundations which were necessary but a bit redundant for me. But my interested peaked at Chapter 6 on. Here are a few points I found insightful. Some Christians have been […]

This little book is packed with important principles for the role of parents based on Scripture. It’s easy to read, it’s clear, it’s practical, it convicts, it’s inexpensive. It presents concisely what it means to disciple your own children at home. Every parent should read this. And when you need to be reminded of why […]

My son recommended the book, and then took me to see the movie (3D, with reclining sofa seats!) As always the book is much better than the movie. A movie made it look easy to survive alone on Mars for over a year. The book was pretty exciting, capturing all the hurdles he went over […]

Picked up this book from the library from the Juvenile section for a quick read about Amy Tan, the author of The Joy Luck Club. I thought Amy Tan was a great story teller, making up the complicated lives for her characters in The Joy Luck Club. Now I find out those are based of […]


There are many things in the book Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret that have greatly encouraged me and given me deeper understanding of life in Christ. This biography is written by Howard and Geraldine Taylor, Hudson’s son and daughter in law, a condensed version of a two-volume biography. Here are some highlights for me: I am no […]

Pastor A asked if I would like to read Drucker and Me.  Being that my husband and I are in business, he thought I would like the book. Peter Drucker, known as the guru of management, was required reading in any management class of my generation. I don’t know about now, but his principles and insights […]


I said I would read one book at a time, but I broke that rule. There are so many books I want to read. So I buy them and read a couple of chapters from each. I bought several Francis and Lisa Chan’s new book You and Me Forever to support their ministry. Some quotes I […]


I’m reading/listening to this. Here are some ideas that stood out to me: “What is leadership itself? What does it mean to lead people?” Here is a simple definition, that leadership at its heart involves change. It involves movement. Leadership is movement. The leaders help people to move from where they are to a better place in the […]

There were many good reviews of this book, so I was really looking forward to reading it. The plot itself did not disappoint. However, I found the heroine, a precocious 11-year old written by her in first person, rather annoying. I know the pranks she played on her sisters are suppose to add human interest […]