God is so good to our family! My son and DIL, after experiencing the stillborn death of their firstborn last year, just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. They say only 5% of babies are born on their due date. She’s in that 5%, born on her due date of October 30. God graciously granted the parents desire of their daughter not be born on Halloween.

Being grandma hasn’t changed my life other than using up my day off to visit them.

My couple of my friends go to their daughters’ house to babysit their grandkids regularly, 1-2 days a week. I suppose if I wasn’t working I could do that. It sounds fun but tiring. We are grandmas, not moms anymore.

I’ll be building into my schedule to visit one granddaughter in LA and one in OC. Of course they have to live in opposite directions!

My job now is to pray for the next generation.

Pastor Albert says we are not naturally drawn to pray. That is true of me. In our culture of activities and productivity, prayer is seemingly a useless passive activity. But as a grandma I can do nothing for my kids but to pray.

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