We’ve been driving out to LA to see our granddaughter every Monday on my day off.

Roundtrip driving time is over 2.5 hours. We try to be productive with that time – catching up, listen to Mandarin lessons on Youtube, bouncing off ministry ideas. But it’s still a long drive to me.

Yes, I know some people do this drive, and longer everyday. But we are not used to this kind of commute. I don’t know how people do it! It’ll take a few years off their life with this daily commute.

We spend 4 hours with my daughter and granddaughter. I leave the house at 9:30am and get back 4:30pm. That’s 7 hours of my day off. Yes, I love seeing them, but it’s not a relaxing use of my day off.  I cook lunch there in an unfamiliar kitchen. The drive makes me nervous, even with my husband driving, and he is a good driver.

I wish they would move closer. They will probably do so eventually. In the meantime, I’m getting a Tesla just to feel safer with this drive. It’s suppose to be here in 6-8 weeks!

I don’t care about cars, I don’t care about the color. I don’t care if my new car gets scratched. It’s just a mode of transportation. I don’t care about having a Tesla. I just want a safe drive weekly to see my daughter and granddaughter and not get nervous during the drive. A plus is not to have to get gas.

Before my granddaughter was born, Monday was a relaxing date with my husband. We’d go to Costco, go eat lunch, go to Lowe’s, go to Huntington Library. Find a park to walk around. I miss those relaxing times with a bit of exercise.

I’m not a good grandma. It’s been hard for me to go see my granddaughter. I envy the grandmas at church whose grandkids live in close by suburbs. But then I suppose there are the grandma’s whose grandkids are hundreds of miles away…so I can’t complain.

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