I had to intervene in a situation with a preschooler today, right at the time I had to give the children’s sermon. The 1st-3rd graders were waiting for me when I ran back upstairs. I felt very distracted which probably contributed to the kids not being attentive. Usually I am able to get their attention but not today! I also felt very distracted by a girl sitting in the front asking many questions, some not so relevant. It got me off course in my sermon. I’m glad I didn’t record myself!

I thank God that the 4th-5th graders were very attentive though, extra attentive! And I felt very good about the content that I was able to deliver. Praise God that He enabled me so that I didn’t feel totally defeated after that first session.

Long day with Officer’s meeting and STM meeting at my house. So I cut out of Officer’s meeting early. I had time to take my time cooking for dinner for the team. Well, it’s just 2 extra people to cook for since the other 2 members are my husband and daughter.

The meeting was encouraging and productive. Every team has been a great team.  Makes my job a pleasure. Always a growing experience for me to lead them.

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