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Mike and I went swimming after dinner.

I think this is the first time we’ve ever done that, just the 2 of us. After 20+ years living here we finally make use of the pool. Unfortunately we are motivated not by fun but for health reasons. It’s good exercise.

I would much rather sit and read.


Yesterday my group of girlfriends and I had lunch, 6 out of our usual 9 gathered at the new Porto’s.

Almost 3 hours together and we were just getting started! I really do love these friends. We can talk about anything. And though we don’t intentionally talk about our walk with God, which I wish we could do more of, it definitely spills out in our convo because Jesus is just a part of us. We grow through life stages together with oneness in Christ. We share the same values though we are all different. We were young moms, and now we are grandmas!

As we get older, we are all pretty steady with our walk with God. But I would like to hear more about what God is teaching them. It’s easier to do that 1-on-1. It’s not that we are not willing, I think we trust each other completely. It’s more about opportunity. When we meet up 3-4 times are year, we barely have enough time to catch up on the basics.

We usually start by giving a rundown on what’s happening at home, with our kids/husband/grandkids. We are now talking about retirement…how life has changed. We inspire each other to be better women.

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